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C.J. is the founder of the C.J. Wilson's Children's Charities. The 501(C)(3) raises funds, awareness and most importantly youth participation in community service and charitable giving that will directly benefit children and their families affected by chronic, life-threatening illnesses or dealing with social or financial challenges. CJWCC focuses on inspiring local children, teens and young adults to be involved in charity at an early age, making it entertaining and personally rewarding.

CJ Wilson Charities

In 2006, C.J. met five-year old Micah Champagne at a Children's Hospital. Micah has severe hemophilia and was being treated that day. "His face lit up when he saw me there," Wilson said. "I never realized somebody in the hospital could be so positive. He was such a happy kid and I gave him a big hug." C.J. had wanted to be involved in the community. Meeting Micah that day inspired him to focus on children.